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Friday, March 31, 2006

Feline Friday

Steven of (sometimes) Photoblog, asks that Fridays be Feline Fridays.. i don't always participate but thought i would toss one in for today...

I know you've seen Peanutchew before.. I took this one just a few minutes ago.. She was real sick and needed a visit to the vets. We still are giving her medicine, but she is the only cat out of 9 here that is not hard to give medicine to! She doesn't like the taste but she doesn't run and hide or even give you troubles when giving them to her.. she was quite a surprise after having to go on a hunt for Missey each day for her meds and then her fighting like made when we try to hold her and give her the liquid

I only had one cat that didn't fight medicine in any form and that was my Pookey.. she was a doll. She was on insulin and she'd walk me to the kitchen to get the insulin from the fridge and sit with her back to me waiting for her shot. Never even winced. Then she'd walk directly to her dish and look at me until i fed her. She had it down to a science !

But, Peanutchew is right up there with the best of the best to give medicine to!

Moods and Writing

My son Thom said a simple sentence that struck me immediately. He said "Amazing what I can come up with when I'm in a good mood"... boy howdy, isn't that the truth!

Our many moods shift moment to moment and day by day.. so when we write in our journals (or sit to write something we hope will get published), the mood we are in can determine the outcome of what we are writing...

For writing in a journal this is something that shows readily.. if we are happy we talk about things that made us happy (or will make us happy).. if we are sad, we generally talk about serious matters, and if we are angry we usually attack something that bothers us.

But what about when someone is writing a book or something that will hopefully get published? Can it be a good thing? Or is it a bad thing? And do we notice the difference when we go back and reread or edit what has been written?

It makes me wonder.. it took me 2 years to write my mini trilogy .. could I have been in the same mood all that time? (doubtful).. so how did it effect what i wrote?

When I go back and read it I am not sure if i can tell what sort of mood I was in.. at the same time if i am doing edit on it, will i change things because now my mood is different? And will that make it better or worse?

I'm sure a down mood would be a good thing to be in if you are writing a sad chapter, like someone being sick or dieing.. and a good mood would be nice if you are writing something that is supposed to be cheery. But we can't control how we feel at any given moment, and so i sit and wonder how it effects all writers...

And I wonder why Thoms sentence made me think of all these questions in the first place! .. sheesh.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

About Meerkats..

Maybe you noticed that my son likes to play with Meerkats on one of his entries...

Guess what?... Mom does Meerkats too! (boy that sounded very Californian!)

Hard to believe he's 30 something or other... yeah yeah.. I'm being to nice!

Ohhh... look! Isn't this a big surprise? I found more pictures of... guess who! THOM!....

Gee.. I wonder if any meerkats will appear on my next birthday?? hmmm

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

De Cowboy

All the talk about the Trek Cruise a few posts ago, and then the "freeing up" of my binders of pictures of DeForest made me start looking at the pictures I have. (and lord knows I doooooooo have a lot of them!)

I've notice a few readers here liked or watched Star Trek (the originals) and whenever I post something about it they have questions and comments. Because of that I thought I would show some of DeForests career BEFORE Star Trek.

Most especially I want to show his "cowboy years"... I doooooo love "the cowboy" in him lol. Many people don't know that he was a cowboy for a number of years. He was always one of the "bad guys".... hard to believe if you ever watched Trek, he portrayed a cantankerous southern doctor pretty good if you ask me!

I will post the basics of DeForest as a cowboy in two posts... this one will have an article I scanned and then had to cut in half in order for it to be readable. It was his posthumous Golden Boots award for being such a good "bad assed cowboy". I hope you enjoy reading it... the post under this one will hold photos from different cowboy movies he was in.

Part II

I'll post pictures from 1957-1966

The first two pictures are from Tension at Table Rock... 1957...

It starred: Richard Egan, Dorothy Malone, & Cameron Mitchell.. and of course De.

Utoh... .................... He's Dead Jim!


Next is Gunfight at the OK Corral..... 1957

starring: Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Rhonda Fleming and DeForest as Morgan Earp.


Then there was, The Law and Jake Wade: 1958

starring: Robert Taylor, Richard Widmark and DeForest as Wexler.

(can't you tell what a real sweetheart he was? heh)


Another one that is on television periodically is, Warlock: 1959

starring: Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn Dorothy Malone and DeForest as Curley Burne.


A few years later came, Gunfight at Commanche Creek: 1963

starring: Audie Murphy, Ben Cooper and DeForest as Amos Troop.

(De was thrilled when i found this photo.. I took my camera, zoomed in on just him riding the horse and had it printed up.. he then used it when someone wanted a cowboy shot!)


Another movie was, Town Tamer: 1965

Starring: Dana Andrews, Terry Moore, Pat O'Brien, Lon Chaney Jr and DeForest as Guy Tavenner.


And then there was, Apache Uprising: 1966

starring:Rory Calhoun, John Russell, Lon Chaney Jr and DeForest as Toby Jack Saunders

And last .... but far from least..... here is DeForest and Bill Shatner playing real live Cowboys at one of Bill's horse shows that benefited children.......

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Up early...

Boy Howdy!...

So.. I am up early because the electrician is on his way and so is PSE&G. Today they will switch over the outside electrical lines. (don't ask what they are switching to! I only live here! may as well give me insurance papers to read... I just ain't gunna figure it out!)

Therefore: since all electric will be off again for a number of hours I came to put in a quickie post and read a few journals before I have to shut down.

Last night while IMing a friend I took a photo of those shelves I said I made in the last post and sent it to her. After I looked at the picture I guess I realized why I have such back pain yet. I have bulging disks in my lower back, so I have pain all the time.. but sometimes it seems better then other times, just never gone. Yesterday the pain stayed worse then normal, kinda figured that since i did things I don't normally do anymore building the shelves. This morning I woke and it seems every bit as bad. I really hope it eases up soon and hasn't "moved up a notch" to stay this painful. Well..not much I can do soooooo I'm going to post a photo of these shelves here simply because I don't have time for much else...

Ummmm, no the shelves are not painted... and noooo I'm not going to paint them!

My printer and scanner I cover because this house is so old and dirty and 9 cats full of flying fur (try that holding your tongue!). Under the shelves you see part of the De collection

Before my back began to pain me i enjoyed making some things.. granted they were "roughly" made but that's how i wanted them. I love the smell of wood at a lumber yard and love wood in general..

Ok I have to go read some journals before they turn off the electric here!

Monday, March 27, 2006


Yesterday... when I really messed up my journal..I also was really busy and made a very large shelf..sorta.. It's 18x53 ..two tiers. It took me all day to do and with my all the time back pain, it was an ordeal. (ever try to hold one piece of wood vertically and another horizontal and use an electric drill at the same time??.. that about tells you why it took me so long !) Anyway.. the reason for making them was so I could get at some of my boxes of pictures. (my De collection).

Before I built what i made, I had a double tier shelf sitting on the boxes (no legs) so if i wanted to get into the boxes it would take me a good half hour moving the stuff from on top of them... then when done, naturally, I had to put it all back. (Too much trouble so I did that exactly ONE time!)

So.. now that i can get to them without killing myself I found the last two pictures that I wanted to have in the post about the Trek Cruise. One in particular Annie was wondering if I had it because she had the same photo taken. We were all treated to a photo shoot where one at a time, we sat with the guests and had our picture taken.

Back row: (left to right) Walter Koenig, DeForest, Mark Leonard (Spocks father), and Grace Lee Whitney.

Front row: George (Sulu), Majel Barret (mrs. Gene Roddenberry), me, Nichelle, Robin Curtis (Saavik) and Jimmy Doohan on the floor.

And the next picture is my son and me at the Captain's Dinner....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

There's a Name...and then there's a name..

Since we spoke of names and how we got them in the last post, I thought I would list names from my story and speak of them briefly. (only because after talking about how names came about, and reading responses the character names popped into my head. So it's either write this or think about it for days!)

The list below are the Characters that I named for the story I wrote. A well known secret that I learned while I lived in California was that many of the Character names and names of planets in Star Trek were taken from Street names that were in San Fernando Valley (where I lived) and surrounding areas such as Hollywood itself. I can't begin to tell you how many times, as I drove around and had to find street names, that I would begin to laugh when I recognized it as a name of a character or planet in Star Trek!

This fact alone had me researching on the Internet for street names in different states and areas for possible character names I might need when i first began to write my story. So many of my names are simply street names! At times I would take that name or even a "normal name" and just change the spelling. Re: the name Emylee is indeed Emily... I simply put a twist on the spelling. Pretty much many names that had i's in them I made a y instead.

Other things I did to come up with names was to use just part of a name. Re: Kien. Kien is a giant in my story... his name comes from the last part of J R R Tol-kien's name..heh. But I pronounce it like the word "kind", without the d of course.

For the name B'Lena I took a lesson from Anne McCaffrey in how she shortened names of the dragon riders. And the name Rhys came directly from John Rhys Davies who I totally enjoy in his movies.

And my main title "Kesterwood Forest", well Kester was a street name close to where i lived in Encino California. I had quite a number of street names and variations listed and would go down the list each time a new character was about to enter the story to see if I had a name ready and waiting. If nothing seemed to fit for me, .. it would be back to the browser again!

Finding, changing and making up the names of Characters took some time but in the end it was a lot of fun matching names to the characters.

I find it interesting too how each individual pronounces the names of any characters in Fantasy books. It makes no difference how they are pronounced to that person until you meet someone who read the same book and you begin talking about it and find they pronounced it differently. Then you begin to wonder which way is right! But of course, both are, because that's how each of your deciphered it.

As I look down the list of names I notice how in Fantasy, very few names are simple, like John or Carol.. I wonder how making up such fantastical names all began?? If anyone has a thought on that I think it would make a good post! (and leave a link on whatever my lasted entry is so we can all go read it!)

Lastly I will leave this link of Art attempts I have made of only a few of the Characters listed below, in case you want to see if the name fits the looks of the character.

CAST OF CHARACTERS (and others met along the way)

(In Alphabetical Order)

Abbercorn……………… .Staff owner
Adara…………………... .Daughter of Elesmyr & Madira
Aldebar………………….Tree People
Alwen……………………Adopted father of Aldebar
B’Lena…………………..Swamp Lady
Ballew…………………..Cook at Redfurr Inn
Begira………………….. Worker at Deer Dance Inn
Berwyn………………….Owner of Deer Dance Inn
Bisbee……………………Female Dwarf, would be cook
Blyn……………………..Giant leader, father of Koree
Bugtussel………………..Owner of Bugtussels Inn
Cylin…………………….Mother of Berwyn
Dadwer………………… Cook at Redfurr Inn
Daragon……………….. Dragon
Dobbins……………….. Inkeeper Hobbs Hold Inn
Draymen……………….. Giant, friend to Bisbee
Elesmyr…………………Staff owner
Emylee………………… Daughter of Adara
Fawke…………………. Dragon
Firestorm………………. Ancient Dragon
Forester…………………Old man in Kesterwood
Founa………………….. Wife of Leidesdorn
Galbraith………………. Wife of Abbercorn
Glyder………………….. Eagle
Grenloch……………….. Owner of Crosswicks Inn
Greyloch………………..Staff owner
Greymaulkyn………….. Son of Greyloch & Kaelyn
Hetford………………… Wolf man, leader of the wolf pack
Higbee…………………. Bisbee’s Uncle
Kaelyn…………………. Wife of Greyloch
Kayne………………….. Giant
Kenbyra…………………Staff owner
Kien……………………. Giant, friend to Abbercorn
Koree……………………Giant, wife of Kien
Laika…………………… Male dwarf, friend to Abbercorn
Laurasya……………….. Wife of Kenbyra
Leidesdorn………………Half brother of Abbercorn’s
Lilith…………………….Foundling of Kesterwood Forest
Lucas-Rhys…………….. Laika and Bisbee’s son
Madira…………………. Wife of Elesmyr
Nabreena………………..Tree People
Nanny Kathryn………… Servant in Elesmyr’s castle
Narian………………….. Tree People
Odile……………………Cave Dwarf, friend of Abbercorn
Ohm…………………… Landling
Olwen…………………. Cave dwarf Leader
Pantyra………………….Owner of Eatery
Parka…………………… Dolphin type animal
Ravendor………………. Apprentice to Greyloch
Rayne………………….. Owner/ Eagle Landing Inn
Rhys…………………… Abbercorn’s Owl
Roseberry……………… Worker at Bugtussels
Shakira………………… Adopted mother of Aldebar
Skyy…………………… Dragon
Stray…………………… Lupi’s cub
Travis………………….. Foundling of Kesterwood
Weslwy………………… Servant in Elesmyr’s castle
Wulf…………………… Wolf

Places They Journeyed..

Bolder Mountain
Crosswicks Inn
Dark Woods
Deer Dance Inn
Dragons Keep Mt.
Eagle Landing Inn
Elberon River
Higbee Hollow
Hobbs Hold Inn
Jesypp Village
Kalispell River
Kesterwood Forest
Lotha Forest
Maligwyn Falls
Mt. M’Vena
Redwood Forest
RedFurr Inn
Solace Swamp
Valley of Lost Souls

Saturday, March 25, 2006

What's in a name?

So.. Paula Lambert emailed me the other day and before she hit the send button she asked me one last question:

P.S. I knew your name was Pat, but what is the history behind "DesLily"?

I will gladly tell you (but believe it or not, most of you can probably figure out the answer already), but in return how about you either leave the same information about your "computer name" or write about it in your blog and leave me a link in comments... is that a deal??

I realize some of you use your real name but many do not so let me know the story behind your "stage name"!

My story is a simple one... it begins by saying: A O L hahaha.. yep, every name I tried when I first got AOL was used! I tried names for hours until it dawned on me that my friend Annie was using the name DesAnnie (for nearly the same reason I was going to try DesLily) I tried the name and it took!

Here's the dirt with AOL... you cannot use apostrophes or spaces when coming up with your log on name.. therefore, the "real name" i was trying to have was: De's Lily ...( De's = DeForests Lily= he called me that a few times after I had done the Lily Tomlin impersonation.).. TaaaDaaa.. De's Lily! But I had to take out the apostrophe and push the names together... DesLily. Annie who was already my friend and a member of De's Fan Club had cleverly used the name DesAnnie, so I tried doing the same and came up with DesLily.

It would end there except that after some time of talking with a few people on line one person asked me to call them, and I did. When we spoke on the phone she called me Des (Dehs) Ohhhh, so it came out sounding different then De's Lily.. and became Dehslily sounding... and i really got to like it! (I even like it better then my real name lol)

Anyway... that's my answer and I'm sticking to it! hahaha.. Now, you can tell me YOUR story if you have a name that's not really your own, or blog about it and leave a link!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Seems like a lifetime ago...

My son Thom and my good friend Annie both asked me to post some photo's from the Trek Cruise we had all taken some years ago... it seems like a lifetime ago.

1987 to be precise, and this is the ship we took the cruise on. It went from Miami to Nassau to an out island and back to Miami. It was a short cruise but it was my first... and only! (Me and the sea don't get along.. I was fine thru the entire cruise, but the moment I stepped off the ship in Miami I got "sea sick"!.. go figure !)

Anyway.. this cruise was set up by Vulcon in Florida. They do Star Trek Conventions and someone dreamed up the idea to take conventions to a new level and have a convention on a ship. I was working part time at Sears at the time and told my husband I'd like to go.. he said "go ahead, but you pay for it".. lol.. ok so I made payments on my charge card for an entire year to be able to go! I forget the exact price but it was somewhere in the vicinity of 600-700 dollars.

Come to find out you could share a room and the second person could go half price or something like that.. so my youngest (teenage) son wanted to go and he paid the cheap price.

This is the very cruise that I met DeForest and Carolyn Kelley at.. the same cruise I did the Lily Tomlin thing for them... and the beginning of a wonderful friendship because of it all.

I took lots of photo's but the bulk of them are in an album I can't readily get my hands on, but I have some I found in another book so i will be using those.

There were alot of the Star Trek people on the Cruise, just not Shatner or Nimoy. But all the rest and extras to boot .. here's a shot of Walter and Nichelle as they were boarding the ship..

I guess I should mention that months before the cruise I called my brother about making me a "gown" for the Captains Dinner. (this was before my brother's stroke) I drew up a picture of what I thought I wanted and asked him if he could make it for me... I had to fly to NJ once for the fitting and then I took it home with me. (Remember this is 19 yrs ago, so I still could squeeze into dresses without looking like a beached whale)

I knew DeForest would be on the Cruise and if I was lucky enough to be at the Captains dinner when he was I wanted to look good! By the time of the dinner we had already met and when passing their table (they sat with the Captain.. of course!) De called me over to talk. He wanted to whisper to me and I leaned over as he told me "The Captain has Carolyn's ear and won't let go"..I looked and sure enough the Captain was gabbing away and poor Carolyn was sitting there smiling and nodding her head the whole time. We laughed about it and De mentioned how nice the gown was... soooooooooooooo.. the trip north to have my brother make it was worth it!!!

While on the Cruise my son managed to have a ball. He had made a t-shirt with a drawing of the cast of Star Trek and had it silk screened and made up a bunch of shirts that he sold on the cruise. He also entered a costume contest, and I think he won something from that too! All in all he came off of the Cruise no worse off then when he went on, even though you had to pay for your own drinks and he gambled a bit. (hmmmm, I got poorer and he came off richer!)

He also had everyone sign one of the shirts, but I don't know what happened to that one.

Then he got up close and personal with Grace Lee Whitney. (she portrayed Yeoman Rand) One of the fun things they did on the out island was to have some races. Thom managed to get chosen to have a sack race with Grace Lee. One foot in a bag and the free foot had a flipper on it. They did good until they both wound up falling in the sand! I was trying to get a good picture of them racing because he had this idea of making a t-shirt with the photo on it saying "I hopped in the sack with Grace Lee Whitney".. Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture. Some time later I saw Grace Lee and told her of the shirt he wanted to make and she got hysterical laughing. She said she would have LOVED it !!

Thom also got to chat with Robin Curtis, who played Lt. Saavik in The Search for Spock. And I got my first hug from DeForest!

Hmmmm... Robin got the good looking kid and I got.... well.... this.

It was way too short a cruise as far as I am concerned, but it was surely a time I will never forget.

All of the "guests" had turns speaking to the crowds on deck and each made time for autographs and chats. Now days, you have to pay a fortune for the "best seats" at most conventions and even then you aren't guaranteed an autograph. But i think the guests had such a good time on the cruise that none of the time spent autographing bothered them very much.

To this day I can't figure out how or why I managed to be on the ship and on land at Nassau and the island and then come to Miami and get sea sick when I got off of the ship! But I will always be grateful that it waited until the convention was over!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Enough already..

Ok.. so two more days playing with PSP 5 and Animation Shop (total of 15 frames).. and I think I am done now! It's out of my system for awhile!

I forgot how time consuming it gets, and even though I wear glasses I get so involved for such long periods of time that my eyes begin to water... sooooooooooo, I think I'll not do it for a while again.. heh.

While the animations involved Booboo Kitty, Peanutchew went and got sick.. back to the vets we went... 345.00 later she is home and doing better. I thought we were going to loose her but she popped back just fine.

Of course this now means we have 2 cats getting medicine. One gets two droppers full once a day.. the other gets 2 different meds... one once a day the other twice a day... can we say Cat Hysteria? They now look at me and run!

And to think we have 2 more weeks of this! It's all such fun.... not.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Old Time Music..

One of the few things I like about aol is the aol radio. I don't know if anyone uses it but since I have to have it on in order NOT to get that stupid Timer that logs you off, I started listening to it somewhat. (not alot.. i keep the sound down and minimized mostly) But since it has sooooo many stations of different music it did make me wonder...

What is it that attracts someone to certain types of music??

I can understand that upbeat music will help get someone in a better feeling, and that some slow music can make a person melancholy... but what attracts someone to a certain style of music? Why do some love Opera so? Or love Rap? Or Country music or even Old time music?

I tend to lean toward Country Music, but I also love to hear the old time big bands and their singers. Don't ask me why! Lord knows, I don't know why! I also have a fondness for Reggae music.

I discovered this channel on the aol radio with music from the 40's ... ok I know I'm ancient, but I would have been too young to get hooked on this music, but something about it makes me listen. The bad side is... well.. when i know the words to one of the songs! agggggggggggggggggg~ when did I get this old????

Some of the old songs have managed to span every decade and even today some can sing the words to songs like Louis Armstrongs What a Wonderful World. But of course 1968 isn't the 40's.. but it is an example of how some of the old music manages to be there for more then one generation.

More then likely, the reason I am drawn to big band music and their singers, is because some of them made it past the 40's and into the 50's and even the 60's, like Doris Day, and some guy named Frank Sinatra. Then there was one more.. his voice captured me even more then Sinatra's did.. his name was Dick Haymes.

(from IMDb) Dick Haymes was born in Argentina to a Scots/Irish father and Irish mother, Dick inherited his vocal gift from his mother who made ends meet during the Depression as a singer and voice teacher. A music gig in 1931 caught the eye of a local band leader and soon Dick was moving up, but it was slow-going. In 1939, while Dick was trying to pitch his song writing talents to band leader Harry James, he ended up his featured vocalist, instead. During the war years Dick hooked up with the Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey orchestras before deciding to go solo. Nabbing his own radio program in addition to a Decca recording contract, Twentieth Century Fox soon expressed interest in his musical talents. Among his many film leads were State Fair (1945) opposite Jeanne Crain and Vivian Blaine, Diamond Horseshoe (1945) and The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947) both paired with Betty Grable, One Touch of Venus (1948) with Ava Gardner, and All Ashore (1953), a second string version of On the Town (1949), with Mickey Rooney and Ray McDonald as his shore-leave buddies.

Occasionally, State Fair comes on television, and when it does.. it's another of those have to see movies for me. It's not so much the movie as it is a chance to see and hear Dick Haymes sing.

Wow, a thought just came to me... since Dancing With The Stars is a big hit now... maybe they will decide to use the real music that they should be dancing to??? I wonder if the younger generation would watch the show then?? Oh... now that i think of it.. some would... just to see those skimpy outfits! lol.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Harry, Harry, Harry..

St. Patrick's Day was my brother's birthday. Since he loves Harry Potter, and can no longer go to movies I had preordered a copy of the last movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It came a week before his birthday so I was able to give it to him ... Sunday we watched it. (nearly a 3 hr movie)

I like all of the kids in the movies. Amazing to see how much they've grown just from the first movie to this one.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry must be living a dream life, having found so much fame at such a young age. I hope it doesn't go to their heads too fast ..

Emma Watson as Hermione is turning into a really pretty girl, soon to be lady.

And Rupert Grint as Ron is my personal favorite and is cute as ever! He has the best facial expressions of all of them and usually the comic relief in the Harry Potter movies. I am looking forward to the day I see him in another role other then this one and hope he doesn't get type casted.

The movie is darker then the others and someone even dies in this one. (I don't want to say too much for anyone who hasn't seen it yet that wants to) The special effects were outstanding. Maybe even a bit too much, which i generally don't say, but at times it seemed to distract some from the actors and the story itself.

I'm always glad to see the original cast back, and enjoy new faces as well.

Michael Gamdon was back as Dumbledor, the wizard everyone loves.

So was Alan Rickman, who I think is a really good actor, and enjoy him in other parts as well as portraying the not so nice Professor Snape. (one part i really like him in he plays a meanie also.. in Kevin Costner's version of Robin Hood he is the Sheriff of Nottingham... he does evil really well .. makes you wonder.. but then... i sorta "fell for him" in Sense and Sensibility!)

I hope they never make a Harry Potter movie without Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid! Maybe it's the big teddybear appeal, but I do adore Hagrid!

Ahhh.. and then there's Dame Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagill. Now there's an autograph I would love to get.. but she's really unreachable, especially since the Potter Movies came out. But, she remains one of my all time favorite movie stars, and always will.

Moderating comments...

I am sorry to say that for a while at least, I have to moderate comments.. Yesterday someone kept trying to leave a comment "ad".. I deleted the first one. Not 5 minutes later they did it again.. I deleted that one... and put my comments to be moderated. This morning I found they tried to do it again.. so for now I have to approve comments. I don't like doing that and all comments will be approved even if I don't like them.. as long as they belong to the blog and not an ad to get you to try something or go somewhere... Meanwhile, thanks to anyone reading and leaving comments along the way..


ok.. well blogspot is once again not letting me bring pictures to my blog.. it starts off ok saying it's bringing it then the box turns blank... I've rebooted.. i've restarted aol... I've closed and opened my blog..nothing works.. so... for now what i want to post here IS posted on aol: I know some don't like to go to aol anymore, but after 3 hrs of trying to get the pictures here i give up... it did this the other day too, I hope it clears up before i give up on blogspot altogether. I don't have 3 hrs a day to spend trying to bring photo's here..sigh

Meer-ly Making an animation..

One of the two things I did today was to play in PSP.. been a while since I've done anything but size a pic and "buttonize" it for the journal. Most of that is because I can't clone in PSP 5 on XP... sigh.. so.. I transported the pictures to my old machine that has Win 98se on it where I can clone!

Once I had them there I used three pictures.. (sized them down to show them in the journal)

This is the first picture.. I took this and colored it (when I found it, it was only a drawing).. then I proceeded to animate the arm with the finger pointing. I did this by making two more frames with the same picture and moving the arm a little in each frame and saved them all. So, now I had 3 pictures of the cartoon..

Then I took this picture of BooBoo Kitty and sized it down to what I needed. Then I cut him out and put him on with the cartoon. I put it on each of the cartoon pictures in exactly the same spot. ( I had to go back to one frame and move it one more pixel so it wouldn't move around when running the animation.)

Then I took part of this picture and cloned in a background...

When I was finished with the three frames I took them into animation shop and set the timing on it ... this is the result..

BooBoo doesn't seem to mind... but ... you never know!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Good Friends... good times

I happened across this photo and decided to post it. Going left to right, the picture is of Sue (the gal you read about in other posts that we did pranks on at conventions), and Annie from Texas, and myself.

It's obvious to me, and Annie and Sue, that we were all much younger when the photo was taken. For one thing I had alot less gray hair! We were also a lot thinner and had less wrinkles.. heh.. 'nuff said about that part.

I don't remember which convention this was taken at.. though if anyone remembers, it will be Annie. She doesn't forget much!

What I do remember though, is all the fun we had at the conventions. Since whoever the guest was (usually De) was only was on stage for an hour each day, that left plenty of time to spend money we shouldn't ..and to get into some sort of trouble.

I hope Annie posts some of her remembrances of some of the conventions sometime.
One time, at a convention in Denver, (they had the greatest conventions there!) Annie, who at that time mostly got around in her battery driven scooter, but still could walk some with the aid of leg braces and crutches, had taken off with some other friends to do some sight seeing, while I stayed behind with others.

When she was on her way back to the convention hotel, she called me and asked if I would bring her scooter down to the lobby for her. Well, duh.. of course I will!

I began to push the scooter into the elevator, when it finally struck me that it would probably be simpler if I just sat on it and drove it... heh.. not the brightest light bulb in the package all the time ya know!

So, when the elevator doors opened at the lobby, I drove the scooter out .. went thru the lobby.. where a young man behind a desk smiled atme and I smiled back.. and then I drove it outside to find Annie.

I found her pretty quick and got off of the scooter and told her I would run ahead for some reason that i can't think of right now.. anyway, she was safe with other friends and now seated in her scooter.

I went back into the hotel with another gal and as I passed the young man behind the counter I thought his eyes were going to bug out of his head !...and his chin dropped to the floor! (if you've even seen anyone in total SHOCK, it would be this guy!)

Realizing that he had seen me DRIVE out in a scooter ....and then WALK back in on my own two feet...the gal with me quickly informed him, "It's a Miracle!" and we both walked off ready to cry laughing. That poor man didn't know that I was only riding it for someone else, heh.. gotta love it when you pull off a joke that you didn't even know was going to happen hahaha.

I realize it's a "ya hadda be there" moment, but just so you get an idea of what I saw.. it was a little like this: ..well actually.. it was A LOT like that! heh..

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Pill-popper...

Sigh.. it's going to be a really Lo-o-o-o-o-o-ong three weeks trying to give Missy a pill each day.
She already runs and hides when she see either David or me walking. Now, she's even figuring out "about what time" we will try to assault her by trying to shove a pill down her throat. It takes the two of us to accomplish this, and even with that it's a struggle.

When we took her to the vet and the vet said they would give her the first pill it was a riot! One.. two... three, times she managed to spit it out, even though these professionals know how to give a pill to an animal.

So,.. out came the long tube affectionately called a "pill popper".. this tube you can put the pill on one end and be able to push it far back into the mouth of the animal so that they can't get it under their tongue to spit it out.

Heh.. Missy managed to spit it out 3 more times, before it actually got swollowed.

Any guesses how thrilled we are trying to do this??

Missy is one of the older cats, at least 13 yrs old according to vet records, plus no one is really sure since she, like all the others, is a stray. So, she could be older. Her fur is no longer as nice as it used to be, and she's had to have dental work done before. All in all, she's the first of the cats here that "I" have tried to give medicine to, that I haven't been able to do without feeling like I might be hurting her. Maybe she just has more fear then the others and so reacts like we are trying to "do her harm.".

Whatever it is... this is NOT going to be a fun time folks.

p.s. wow, blogger must be having problems! It took me 2 hours to be able to upload the photo!