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Saturday, June 30, 2007

An Old Post... Revisited

When I was just 10 years old I had fallen in love with my first movie star. The actor in question is Turhan Bey. I know, I know, not a name that jumps up and bites everyone. So I have a picture of him ...

(oh woof!) So.. this is Turhan Bey, along with Maria Montez in a scene from Ali Baba and the Fourty Thieves. Turhan was the slave, that helped Jon Hall protect Maria Montez... and I was going to grow up and marry Turhan and he was going to protect me the way he protected Maria Montez! (there was no doubt in my mind!)

It was definitely love. Well, whatever love is to a 10 year old, .. that's what I had! Then one day (I'm not sure how old I was.. maybe 12) I heard that Turhan Bey had died. I was heartbroken! How dare he die and not marry me!

Fast forward 35 years or so.. I was lying in bed in Encino California listening to a radio show called "Greg Hunter Show". It was a call in show where all the people that called in discussed old movies or old actors, with the exception of one man who would call in and give a "review" of an old movie and then a "new" movie.

As I listened to the calls I heard a man say to Mr Hunter,

"I hear your friend Turhan Bey is going to do a guest appearance on Seahunt."

I did the best sit up in bed that I had ever done in my life!

Turhan Bey?

But he's dead!

I continued to listen and learned that Turhan Bey was, (duh) not dead but had moved back to Vienna, where he had taken care of his mother over the years. And indeed he was going to make a guest appearance on Seahunt.

My jaw dropped to the floor and I nearly fell out of bed rushing around looking for a blank VHS tape! OMG! I can't miss this! I have to be ready and tape Seahunt! (Seahunt wasn't going to be on for 3 days but I couldn't leave anything to chance!)

It was a loooooooong 3 days! Finally, the day arrived and I had my tape ready.

Would I recognize him after all these years?

Would he still feel special to me?

I sat about a foot away from the tv with the vhs machine running and anxiously waiting Turhan's arrival. I scrutinized each character that I didn't recognize from the show.. is that him? or that?

Then a new character walked on and I knew before he even opened his mouth to hear his wonderful accent.. it was Turhan Bey. Of course he was old now.. (but then, so was I!) he had lost most of his hair, but there was no denying those eyes or that voice.. it was him! I watched the show I discovered that I had a huge grin on my face, ...proving, once and for all, that you never forget your first love.

Of course I grew up and I didn't marry Turhan Bey (sigh).. but oh, it was a sweet love affair when I was just 10 years old!



That should be the end of this journal page.. but my mind kept going so I decided to add to it.

There was more that occurred after I found out that Turhan Bey was alive and well and doing guest appearances.. I knew the minute I saw him that I had to write to him.

Normally, when I write to an actor I first call SAG (Screen Actors Guild) in Hollywood and find out who their agent is, then I call the agent and ask if they will forward a letter to the actor. They always, say yes but since I am going to write I always want to be sure they get it.
So I called SAG.. but received an unexpected response...

"Sorry we don't have Turhan Bey listed with anyone."

"Ummm, excuse me? He just did a guest appearance on Seaquest, he "must" have an agent again? "

"No,.. sorry.. no listing."

"Ok, so how do I find an address for Mr Bey? "

"You can call the production department of Seaquest, they should know."

"Oohhh, right, ok.. by any chance do you have a number?"

"Sorry, I don't... (hangup)."

Sigh.. oh well I looked up Seaquest and found out which studio produced the show and called there for the Production Dept. Wouldn't you know it.. they were closed! But a woman did answer the phone and was so very nice to look up who they contacted to get Turhan Bey for the show! Taaadaaa! I had an address!

Subsequently, I went about typing a four page letter to him, spilling my guts out! I told him EVERYTHING ! How I was in love with him when I was 10.. how I had heard he was dead.. and most importantly how I found out he was alive and doing Seaquest! Oh, I also mentioned how shocked I was when I heard he was alive, how I went crazy looking for a blank vhs, and how I sat right in front of the t.v. waiting for him to appear. (Like he needed to know all of this right?!) At the end I did ask for an autograph.. "if he did them".

Normally when one writes to an actor and expects a response it can happen anywhere for 6 weeks later to 3 months later. Anything after that, if you haven't gotten it you probably won't.

SIX MONTHS PASSED. Nothing. I was a little disappointed but still I was glad I wrote.

About one YEAR later a manilla envelope appeared in my mail.. it was from Turhan Bey!! Inside was an autographed photo AND a short handwritten note to me!! He explained that my letter had gone to his home in Los Angeles but he was at his home in Vienna.. the letter at long last went to Vienna.. by then he was back in Los Angeles! (sheesh) Eventually, the letter caught up with him. He thanked me for remembering him (like I could forget him?... not!) and laughingly said I should be a writer due to the letter I had sent him. LOL..

The picture means a lot to me. I still have the note from him and anytime I look at them I think of that 10 year old girl..... and a memory that has lasted my whole life.

....'till next time...

Friday, June 29, 2007

Tiny Story

Carl, over at Stainless Steel Droppings, was running a Challenge.. his challenge was to write a Tiny Story. Simple enough huh?.. heh.. wrong!

This Tiny Story had to be exactly 100 words. (not easy)

This Tiny Story could NOT use the same word twice! (This includes words such as "a", "as", "the") .. it turned down right HARD!

Well, I tried to write a Tiny Story. My first attempt, (which I gave him for his Challenge) took me 3 days to be able to say what I wanted AND not use the same word twice! It's harder then you think! Try it sometime! Just for fun.. or aggravation lol

Anyway.. After finding success once, I gave it a second try. This time I managed to do it in ONE DAY! Whoa....

I thought I'd share the second attempt with anyone that cares to read it... then think about it, and try one of your own. Challenge yourself. Just to see if you can do it!


Abbercorn paced, while mulling over yet another impossible situation. Walking thusly, his boots made the, well worn, wooden floor creek and groan with age.
“ Growing old,” he muttered, “was a time I didn’t have to rationalize everything, my justifications were always there”

Being elderly has taken its toll. Recollections fade; experiences hide, explaining decisions becomes tougher, although through longevity comes wisdom, confidence, good judgment…. or so it’s said.

An overstuffed chair beckoned. Reclining, senior moments inadvertently tiptoe around; they become more frequent but still a compromise found….. for now.
Grinning full of self-assurance, another hurtle completed.

Answers found; gratitude abounds.

Now it's your turn! If you do one, post it and leave a link here so I (and others) can read it!!

...'till next time....

Thursday, June 28, 2007

When it Storms... grab a book..

Here in New Jersey we had quite the lightening show last night! The house shook a number of times, which didn't exactly lull me to sleep!

I'm glad to report that no trees came down around us here.. but a number of them came down in other areas. We also lucked in still having electricity...

All this and we are due for a second round of storms due to go through this afternoon.. (while we remain in a "flash flood" watch) so I thought I'd do a quick post before I have to shut down and unplug the machine..again.

I can't even imagine being in the Texas areas right now with all the flooding going on there! (very grateful I am not!)

It sure seems to me that every single time a "change is weather" is coming, it's followed with DISASTER. It used to be only a disaster if it was something like a Hurricane, or a Tornado, or an Earthquake... but for the past 2-3 years, almost as much damage happens when a "front" moves across your area.

It makes me wonder how I have lived for 63 years and although the occasional storm became dangerous, not every single time they predict rain did this happen.

Every time rain is on it's way, the news follows it with: High winds, flooding could occur, and possible hail. I'm afraid to think about what the next few years will bring.


I left my book open on my bed while I answered the phone... when I turned around I noticed Winkey had gotten on the bed and was taking interest in my book.... I grabbed the camera as she took this sudden interest.

.... 'till next time....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Don'tcha Love When the Mailman Rings the Doorbell?!

Hmmm, just imagine how surprised I was when this package arrived today... (minus the teddy bears)

Then imagine how surprised I was to see it appear on my charge account.. heh.

(ok,ok.. so it wasn't a surprise!)

So... they are in the pile to be read......

At the moment, I just finished reading The Rover by Mel Odom.

Hardcover: 416 pages

  • Publisher: Tor Books; 1st ed edition (August 18, 2001)
  • ISBN-10: 0312878826

  • I plan to begin book 2 The Destruction of Books. today.

    Hardcover: 384 pages

  • Publisher: Tor Books (July 1, 2004)
  • ISBN-10: 0765307235

  • In book one, little Wick, who is a halfling (sorta like a hobbit but no fuzzy feet) unexpectedly goes from being a Third Level Librarian in the Vault of All Known Knowledge, to being shanghaied by pirates, gets captured and sold as a slave, and is purchased by a group of thieves! Hello? Can we say he is no longer living a "dull life"?!

    Along the way Little Wick manages to meet many characters that he thought no longer existed except in the books he read.

    The book is very enjoyable and I'm ready to see what's next for the little Librarian!

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    A Drum Roll, Please....

    Goodness, gracious.. look at this will you!?!

    Melli. over at Insanity Prevails has given me an Award!

    "Rockin' Girl?".. she must have known me in my youth!

    Wow, I've never gotten an Award before! Thank you Melli ! I'm just glad you enjoy my blog enough to come back !

    According to the Rules of the Award, I'm to pass the Award on to 5 other "girls", who's blogs I read and enjoy. (Sorry guys) And they, in turn, pass it on to 5 girls blogs that they enjoyWell, I have more then 5 that's for sure! And obviously, they are ALL Favorites, or I wouldn't keep returning to read them... So, I will try to spread them around and just choose more by how different each blog is rather then "favorites"... In no particular order here are 5 "girl bloggers" that I read .

    Lee's Kitchen Connection: Lee has the best memory of anyone I've ever met! She tells these fabulous stories of her life... and likes to leave you with a "cliff hanger" so that you can't wait for her next "episode"!

    Helen at My Everyday Life: Helen stays true to the name of her journal and writes about her everyday life, with her hubby Ken and their trials and tribulations of everyday life. She takes excellent photo's to adorn her journal and the comic relief is he little doggie Patches. (who I am going to steal one day!)

    SQT's blog Fantasy & Sci FiLovin' Blog: SQT keeps a blog all about Fantasy and Sci Fi.. be it books, movies, comics, or television. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I love Fantasy and love sci fi movies so it would be hard for me not to enjoy this blog! And her comments get to be full blown discussions along the way.

    Astaryth of Adventures of an Eclectic Mind: has been a journal I've read since near the beginning of my own blog. She posts some of the best animal photo's around. Lately she moved and had computer problems and staying on Internet woes, but she seems to have control once again, so I suspect she'll be posting more often again.

    For number 5 I am doing a "twofer".. Elipsis and Outpost Mavarin both were already "pro's" at journals when I came along and found them over on AOL. They both migrated to Blogspot where they continue great blogs.

    Sunday, June 24, 2007


    As some know.. my brother is disabled. At 50 he had a stroke and is paralyzed on his right side (he was right handed).. at 60 he had a heart attack and quadrouple bypass. He's also diabetic and high cholesterol and blood pressure.. in other words, .. he's a mess. I live with him and David and help take care of him while David works, because he can't be left alone.

    Anyway... before he had all that happen he was a dress designer/ artist. After his stroke, of course, all of that ended. About 2 yrs after his stroke he tried drawing on t-shirts, with his left hand, and found that he could at least do that much. Although not the quality I am used to seeing from him, they aren't bad either.

    One day he painted the shirt I am showing below.

    He was, as one can see, copying some Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post drawings...

    This one, in particular, caught my eye. A Boy reading... and you can tell what he's reading by the background. There you see a Knight, and Princess, with a castle off in the distance.

    So even though it's a size 2X I claimed it for my own. I like big baggy shirts anyway, so it suited me fine. Plus it reminded me of my books and the reading I do. When he paints these shirts they are for presents or giving away, since they aren't original drawings but copies of others work, he can't sell them.. but painting them helps keep him occupied.

    I haven't posted in the past few days because we had to put my brother back in the hospital... it happens fairly regular. (so don't worry) This time for Cellulitis in his legs. They will treat it there and then send him home, barring any unforeseen problems, which do crop up now and then.

    Anyway, getting him settled there and then the beginning of "hospital visits" (which I hate) my regular day was disrupted. Now that it's "norm" until he comes home again, I will try to post again.

    Whenever there is change in my "routine" my mind wanders... or rather... goes on "auto" and I don't think much at all ..heh., nothing too new there!

    At least I backed up my computer today.. that got my head working on something that needed to be done. I do that once a month, it takes about an hour to back up on 3 cds. Now that's done for another month.. yippee!

    I hope everyone had/ is having a nice weekend!

    ...'till next time....

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    The Men in the Red Trucks

    I heard sirens...

    Not unusual around here.. but then...instead of going past my street.. they came on my street!

    My first view out my side window... this one wasn't actually on my street.

    But the one below sure was! I went out to find 3 fire engines and two police cars, but didn't see any reason they were all there.

    Come to find out my neighbor a few houses down, Jeff, had called the police because some ruckus was going on. Jeff's son-in-law happened by at this time to pick up his kids from Jeff and Cheryl... he thought he smelled smoke. By then the police were there and smelled something too so they called the fire department.

    The end result was better then it might have been. It seems the people who live next to Jeff, their hot water heater is on wood and began to smoke. The fire department made sure all was well before they left. They must have been out there 45 minutes in all.

    I took a picture of one fireman talking to Jeff. (who I adore.. couldn't ask for a better or nicer neighbor then Jeff and his wife)

    My other neighbor Christina came out to see what was going on.. the firemen were relieved not to have to "work".. when he saw Christina he joked, "I'd rather have my picture taken with HER!" .. I "arranged" the photo session LOL..

    He laughed and asked if he could have the picture for the firehouse... I came upstairs and printed it off and went back and gave it to him... he was a happy camper all around.. pretty lady and no work!

    It's scary in these old homes so close together when one thinks of a fire.. if one got started it would never be "just one house".. these men know just what it is they may face each time they leave the firehouse... I'm glad this time they got to smile instead of work.

    ...'till next time...

    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    Andy Shows his Theatrical Side

    I don't know if anyone saw it, but I watched Andy Serkis last night on PBS portraying Vincent Van Gogh. If I hadn't already seen him in person and heard his normal accent I may have been shocked that Van Gogh didn't sound like Gollum ! heh.. just kidding.

    Andy was great! Now I have no problem imagining him on stage in England! Boy, what I'd give to see him in a play...sigh.

    The program itself didn't mention anything I hadn't heard in the past.. I remember that Kirk Douglas played Van Gogh in an old movie. (haven't seen that one in some time)

    I did like the way the show was put together, and glad that it aired on PBS. Much of Andy's works, (along with other British actors that I like), never show here in America.

    I'm glad to say that it looks like Andy is keeping busy since he filmed Van Gogh:

    Freezing Time (2007) (in production) .... Erickson
    The Cottage (2008) (filming)
    Einstein and Eddington (2007) (TV) (filming) .... Albert Einstein
    Inkheart (2008) (post-production) .... Capricorn
    Extraordinary Rendition (2007) (post-production) .... The Interrogator
    Heavenly Sword (2007) (VG) (post-production) .... King Bohan
    Sugarhouse (2007) .... Hoodwink

    "Simon Schama's Power of Art" .... Vincent Van Gogh

    Of everything listed there, I think the only one that will make it to America is Inkheart.

    Speaking of British Actors.. I got to thinking, .. there sure are a lot of them that I've enjoyed over and over again.

    I found this site listing some British actors A-Z. I thought I'd jot down one from each letter that should ring a bell with pretty much everyone.

    A- Richard Attenborough
    B- Richard Burton (Orlando Bloom gets a mention just 'cause he looks so damn good!)
    C- Sean Connery
    D- Judy Dench
    E- Denholm Elliott
    F- Albert Finney
    G- Alec Guinness
    H- Anthony Hopkins
    I- Jeremy Irons
    J- Glynis Johns
    K- Ben Kingsley
    L- Charles Laughton
    M- James Mason
    N- David Niven
    O- Peter O'Toole
    R- Basil Rathbone
    S- Maggie Smith (& Andy Serkis!)
    T- Emma Thompson
    U- Peter Ustinov
    W- David Warner

    .. I bet you never realized, or thought about, how many actors from across the pond, that you've enjoyed.

    And I'm glad that Andy Serkis is added to MY list of people I enjoy.

    ...'till next time...

    Monday, June 18, 2007

    Andy Serkis

    Just a little advertising for someone I admire: Andy Serkis... in case anyone wants to see him in a different light...

    Simon Schama’s POWER OF ART (PBS) Monday June 18, 9 pm EST

    Van Gogh

    Written and Presented by

    Series Producer

    Produced and Directed by

    Vincent Van Gogh

    (well he doesn't look like Gollum anymore!)

    .. any guesses what I'll be watching tonight at 9?!

    Also this week Andy is in a movie on HBO:

    (Serkis and Morton recreated Brady and Hindley's police mugshots)

    Wed, Jun 20, 11:00 AM TV Show

    Fri, Jun 29, 4:15 PM TV Show

    If you get to see him I hope you enjoy his performance..

    ...'till next time.....

    Sunday, June 17, 2007

    I'm Glad He Became an Actor...

    I just watched Mr Holland's Opus on television, probably for the umpteenth time.

    Cried again.. for probably the umpteenth time.

    Who'd have thought that the same young (then 26 yr old) Richard Dreyfuss ,from American Graffiti , Would grow up to make such a heartfelt movie.

    It's a tearjerker, but at the same time.... there's really a good feeling that comes over you to think that dreams can come true at any age.

    That a person is never to old for something so wonderful to happen for you. I'll admit, the feeling doesn't last too long.. but it's a great cry when it comes !

    (who can forget Richard Dreyfuss' performance in Close Encounters of the Third Kind?.. I didn't cry with this one.. but it was a feel good movie)

    I'm not going anywhere in particular with this post, I guess ... just for a moment.. a movie like that makes you feel.... hopeful.

    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    Oh, Foo..

    Oh my.. Leven, Leven, Leven what can possibly be next for you?

    Whelp, I finished book two of Leven Thumps. This was one fast paced book! Run, run, run, and now I get to wait, wait, wait, for the next installment.. sheesh.

    Without giving anything away I think I can safely say that I want a Sycophant. This is that little creature you see on the book cover with Leven, named Clover. He is one cool dude! lol He has a never empty pocket he calls the void, and can disappear when he wants to. (I wouldn't mind that one myself lol)

    Did I mention that along with Leven, Winter and Clover (the drawings in a few posts down) there is also another who travels with them... ummm... he's a ...a... well,... he's a toothpick named Geth..heh. Sounds dumb huh? Well, it's kinda hard for Leven to believe too so, don't feel bad about rolling your eyes when you hear that there's a character in this book that's... a toothpick. But, I'll let you read the book to find out about Geth.. the toothpick, and everyone's continuing journey now that they finally managed to get to Foo.

    It's a good read and it's not only young adults that will enjoy the books about Leven Thumps.

    So.... I have to say goodbye for now to Leven and go see what a Halfling named Wick is up to in The Rover. by Mel Odom.

    Although I have this book as a hard back.. the print is smaller then usual, so this may take me a little longer seeing as this "floater" in my eye likes to cloud up what I am reading... but we'll muddle thru!

    Before I go I guess I want to mention that around many "book blogs" there is a big ta-do about Literary Reviews vs. Blogging Reviews... (so dumb)

    There is no "vs"! Literary Reviews are done by people who are hired to do book reviews. All sorts of book reviews. They don't get to pick and choose their favorite genre to read.. they just read. I'm sure they are very capable of reviewing the "technicalities" of writing and review any type of book.

    Where as bloggers generally read things they already know they will most likely enjoy, and then put it out there to chat about it with others who have read the same book.

    Hello? Do either of these sound even remotely the same? Duh.

    My personal opinion is simple. Because of bloggers talking about certain books, I have bought and read far more books this last year then I have in quite some time! And because of them, I haven't wasted a cent! There's not one book that I would say I really didn't like and therefore wasted my money!

    I still read the Literary Review .. but I don't go on that alone. When I did, to be honest, I made a few unwise choices.

    Gosh, a lucky few of us, (when talking about certain books) have even had visits from authors! Chris had the author of Fablehaven, Brandon Mull stop by his blog. And I've had James A Owen come by!

    I'd like to think these authors are glad we are talking about their books. Word of mouth (or typing) is good advertising! It's always been that way, be it books or movies etc.

    No one's word is gold. What I like, you may not like. What I think is good, may be bad to another. The same goes for the Literary Reviews... they can be "right on".. or "way off"...

    It would seem the Literary people have opened their mouths and got their panties in a knot!

    Hopefully, in the end, the author is the winner...'cause he/ she has paid reviews... and free advertising with the bloggers!

    'Nuff said...

    ...'till the next time....

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    I Think I am Stowed Aboard the Indigo Dragon!

    For those who may or may not remember.. a while back on one of my posts I was surprised by a comment by who may have been, the author of Here There Be Dragons, Mr. James A Owen.

    Hardcover: 336 pages
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing (September 26, 2006)
    ISBN-10: 1416912274

    When that happened I discussed the possibility of if it was or wasn't Mr. Owen. In the end I pretty much thought it was because my site meter on blogspot indicated the comment came from Arizona, where Mr. Owen lives.

    Today I woke to another comment from Mr. Owen (although he left it at my wordpress blog... which is merely another backup of this very same blog). I smiled as I read:

    James A. Owen

    It was me. If there’s any doubt, email me, pick a chapter number from book two, and I’ll tell you the title.

    Jun 14, 2:49 AM — [ Edit Delete Unapprove Approve Spam ] — The Wonder of it All

    His new book can be preordered on Amazon for those interested.

    Hardcover: 384 pages
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing (January 1, 2008)
    ISBN-10: 1416948503

    (James A Owen)

    It did include an email address which I took out of this post, just to protect his privacy, and I did email him. I did not ask for a name of a chapter though. I just thought it was awfully nice of him to leave yet another comment. And it does reinforce that, indeed, the past comment was from the author.

    Did I mention that he also did the illustrations for his book? In case I missed that fact, he did ! With Mr. Owens Permission to post his artwork, here are two from Here There Be Dragons..

    .... and this next one being a favorite, seeing as I like dragons so much...

    ... and on yet another note about Mr Owen, for those who read comics, may be interested to hear this: James has written and illustrated two dozen Starchild comics, this and other information on the author can be found on Wikipedia .. just click this link.

    Before ending this I did Google for images of his Starchild comics and came up with these:

    Ok.. I think that's it folks! I don't think I know anything else about Mr. James A Owen, except to say Thanks so much for your kind visit Mr. Owen and I'm looking forward to your next book!

    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    To Have .. and Have Not

    I want this! (But it's from a place in England, which means the shipping would be 3 times the amount of the item! The place has some really neat dragon stuff! They are called Dragons-Keep. )

    I want this too! heh.. (Fantasy Art Gallery)

    ... and this!

    But I can't get any of them.. sigh.. at least not right now.


    Anyone feeling strongly about making an old lady really smile, feel free to send them along!

    Know that they will receive names!

    Have no fear that they will be sent back!

    Fear not, that they won't be lovingly taken care of!

    Feel free to ...Make My Day!

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    Stewart's Assignmnet

    "I see things in darkness that no one should see by light of day."

    Stewart's Assignment: I offer up an assignment to the Chesterfield group, and of course to the rest of you should you care to participate: take the phrase above and incorporate it directly into either a work of poetry or a work of short fiction. I will put a word limit on it of 500 - 1500 words. Usually an assignment is geared toward some aspect of writing, this is no exception. I have been talking with some people about word choice.

    After this has been written, pick a minimum of ten words from the text, then use a thesaurus to find ten rich words to take their places. Be sure the new words enrich rather than detract. When submitting your work to the group, be sure to identify which words were replaced and what they were replaced by.

    Now, normally I don't do such things, seeing as I'm not a writer (in the sense of writing novels).. however... Stewart (who is an educator; for those who are unaware) posted this assignment. Generally, I do nothing but go back later and read some of the stories that others have written and then read Stewarts comments.

    This time, when I read the sentence a thought jumped out at me, so I went ahead and wrote it down... and I am now offering it up for Stewart's Assignment.

    Jesse sat unresponsive as his mother spoke with the doctor.

    “I was wondering, doctor, is he in pain?”

    “My presumption would be that he’s not,” the doctor responded. “He shows no signs of any pain, or of anything at all. The catatonic state he’s in won’t allow it.”

    Jesse’s mother stood looking at him. Jesse didn’t move, didn’t blink. There was nothing at all to indicate how he felt.

    “It would be nice to be able to shut down and not think,” she said. Her eyes widened as though she was surprised to have spoken out loud.

    But Jesse’s mind wasn’t quite as shut down as everyone thought. He knew he was bound, firmly, in a straight jacket. He knew he couldn’t move his arms and hands. He knew he couldn’t protect himself. One thing for certain, if he fell asleep, they would find him and he would die.

    The doctor and his mother watched him, waiting, hoping. And on the other side, there were others who waited, watching hoping---and all he had to do was go to sleep.

    The unknown drugs that he had tried time and time again had showed him the way. In the beginning they were breathtaking and made him euphoric. He flew through the skies, higher than any bird could go. He could twist and twirl and tumble and dive, and all he had to do was to take that little pill. He loved the freedom, but only until the pill wore off.

    He didn’t want to be bothered going to school and would argue with his mother until he learned that arguing was futile, instead he would just not go, she would never know. And so it was that he went to meet his friends so that he could laugh and be happy and fly.

    Today he had sought to fly higher then ever before, he wanted it to go on forever. His friends helped him achieve his craving.

    But this time was not like before, this time he was flying in a different place, among dark things. After a time he reasoned they were not very much fun, but when he tried to leave. the shadows swarmed around him.

    Then something, he didn’t know what, seemed to pull him from the sky. The shadows followed. But scattered at the last moment, hiding behind their own door. Jesse watched, then did something he would regret …. he peeked behind the door.

    Once he did, everything became dark; he tried to scream but no sounds came from his lips. He wanted to warn his friends, but could not see them standing by his side.

    “I wonder what it’s like,” his mother whispered. He wanted to put her in his field of vision.

    “What?” asked the doctor.

    “To not be aware of anything.”

    The doctor leaned over Jesse, smiling.

    Jesse sat with a vacant look on his face. But his mind truly wasn’t quite empty; it was determined… not to fall asleep.

    “If you only knew mother, but you don’t want to come here, trust me on this one, for I see things in darkness that no one should see by light of day.”

    Word………………..replaced by:

    1 Expressionless…….. unresponsive
    2 guess………………..presumption
    3 answered……………responded
    4 tightly………………firmly
    5 real………………….genuine
    6 wonderful………… breathtaking
    7 wanted…………… sought
    8 wish…………………craving
    9 sorry…………………regret
    10 blank……………….vacant


    All I want to do is relax on my bed and read.........

    Yeah.. right...... *sigh*

    Saturday, June 09, 2007

    Rolling Along

    I finished The Dragon Chronicles in just a few sittings. It could have been ONE sitting but the book was awkward and hard to hold so I rested . It was only 128 pages, and of that at least half were drawings and artwork.

    It was clever though... the premise was that you were reading from the Journal of the Wizard Septimus Agorius as he and a group of others set out to do the Kings bidding of killing some Dragons in the Kingdoms.

    I chose here a shorter post by Septimus as an example:

    Day Nineteen:

    This afternoon I felt that the time was right to speak to Bandred about what happened in the canyon and the conversation turned in due course to the responsibilities he would ultimately have to face as the future King. I praised hm for the bravery he had displayed on the high pass just a couple of days ago and conceded that we probably would have missed our best chance had he not revealed himself to the beast at that point, but I had also to admonish him for his recklessness. I explained that a Sovereign must never endanger himself so and he accepted my warning with good grace.

    Truthfully, I may not have chosen to buy this book had I seen it in person and not at Amazon. Not that it wasn't good (but short).. just awkward. I did like it written as journal entries... that was different, and a nice break from the norm.

    Next: I have 2 Leven Thumps books.. the third due out in September. I began reading the first this morning. I've only read 64 pages and I already am enjoying it. (I was writing this Friday for a post today... now I'm 168 pages into it and it's very good.) He has a really good artist, Ben Sowards, he did the cover art... and I love his pencil sketches inside the book. I'll post some under the book..

    Leven Thumps

    Hardcover: 348 pages
    ISBN-10: 1590383699

    Oklahoma orphan teen Leven Thumps has a hidden and powerfultalent: he can glimpse, and then manipulate, the future. He is also the only person on the planet who can protect the gateway to Foo, a mythical realm whose existence ensures that human beings in this reality retain the ability to dream, hope and imagine.




    This is already an enjoyable read.. thankfully book 3 comes out in September, so I don't have all that long to wait for the ending!


    Yesterday, in the mail, came the last of the books I've ordered: by Mel Odom.

    The Rover

    These will be the last I buy for June and July. As I have to save my SS for a trip in July. My son wants me down in Ft Lauderdale Florida to see their new home. I jumped at the chance (since David is on a 2 week vacation, I can leave my brother for one of those weeks). I haven't see them since their wedding 2 yrs ago.. and haven't seen my grandson in that length of time either.

    Oh btw.. my 12 yr old grandson, Brent... he loves to read! Oh yeah! He's been reading Harry Potter but I fully intend on getting him hooked on some of the recent young adult books I've been reading!! Oh yeah! oh yeah!

    ...'till next time....